Monday, 3 September 2012

Finding my groove... and new home

It was just two nights ago that I returned to the Pearl after a much needed two days off. I returned to the boat around 10pm after a painstakingly long 3 hour bus ride from Dubrovnik, Croatia. The boat currently in Kotor, Montenegro. Customs was the most painful as when I had just nodded off to sleep we were all ordered to disembark for passport inspections. Ugh. The bus ride itself was a trip down memory lane, full of many travelers, far younger than me, and I too remembered when that was me many moons ago. Now was different. I wasn't travelling with the excitement of the unknown, I was returning to my job, my bed, my house (floating house albeit) and my new life. 

You might find it strange to hear but for so much of the past few months this boat, the Pearl, has felt at times like a prison. Yeah its a 20 something million dollar boat with everything you could possibly need on here... trust me I packed the pantry... but it was in its own way my prison. There was no escaping when times got tough and nowhere private to go. Don't get me wrong I was loving my new job, loving cooking every day, loving getting paid to read recipes and food blogs and loving the new experiences, but something was just not clicking into place. 

But two nights ago it did. I thought after my two day break I'd be dragging myself back to the Pearl, but in fact I was wanting the bus ride to be over so I could get into my own bed. As I boarded the passerail I knew I was home. And so it was then that I knew, and I felt that I've finally found my place here. 

It's good timing I suppose as I recently signed a contract for permanent employment. Seems that the captain, crew and owners think I've found my groove also. I'm happy, I'm content, and I don't feel like I'm searching for anything. Well not right now. Not this minute. But give it a week or two...

So that's where I'm at right now, as I sit on the back deck of this beautiful boat in the heat and in the dark, happily people watching as they walk past and take posed photos in front of the Pearl. Theres a wedding close by and the music is loud and traditional... it's gorgeous. I really could sit out here all night. This town really is so so beautiful and to prove it i've posted a few snaps. Not too much food this post- apologies. But we all need a mix up once in a while. Decided to change the font too- it's all happening around here ;) E


  1. I was in Croatia this year, but unfortunately we didn't have time to visit Dubrovnik. Maybe in the future... Greetings from Poland.

  2. Dubrovnik is incredible! But the pics here are Kotor Montenegro! Put this place on your 'get to' list too!

  3. Oh the floating home.. I know the feeling of wanting to go away and yet desperately wanting to go back asap after few days away from her/