About me

I was born in Sydney Australia- but moved to Hobart Tasmania when I was 7.  Hobart is definetly home!

I think the food scene in Hobart is finally catching up with the rest of Australia- and rightfully so as in my honest opinion Tasmania is home to the best proudce in Australia! From cheese, wine, beef, fantastic free range pork, salmon, mussels, organic fruit and vegetables, and did I mention cheese? Its all here and the quality is amazing!

I come from a half Italian, half Australian family. My father was born in Trento Italy, and my mother in Hobart Tasmania. I am so incredibly fortunate for this and my passion for food has certainly come from both sides of my family! Much of my food is influenced by the Italian way of life. Live for and love food! Celebrate with food! Eat until you can't possibly eat anymore! Drink good wine!

I'm not sure when I became so obsessed with food- but I think it has been with me since birth. My parents have told me that I would eat everything as a child- I definetly wasn't a fussy eater. And maybe this is because they gave me everything to try- I am so lucky! I remember growing up I would eat pasta for breakfast- and take dinner leftovers for my school lunches. I never ate cereal, and I never ever had a vegemite sandwich- yuk!

In the more recent years I have engaged my love of food by working in the Hospitality industry on a casual basis. I am actually employed full time as a police officer in the Tasmania Police Service- so a life away from this in my spare time has been wonderful! I have waitressed at a number of prominent local restaurants including Meadowbank Restaurant and Winery, Flathead Restaurant, Mures Upper Deck- and many more. I am currently still at Flathead on a casual basis.

Working in this industry has opened my eyes to a life in food. I love the 'buzz' in a commercial kitchen. I probably spend more time in the kitchens with the chefs than I do on the floor sometimes! The heat, the speed, the firey demands, the production lines and the end result- a beautiful plated meal... I LOVE it!

Could I ever do it? Maybe, maybe not. Im happy with my current career at this point- and I'm also happy being a good (and sometimes disasterous) home cook. But all that said, I've just recently begun planning a small catering service. Click on the link to 'Keep Calm and Cook Less' for more info!

I hope you enjoy my blog- I aim for it to be full of recipes that I love to eat- and recipes that I want home cooks to try! I can't tell you how many cookbooks and cooking magazines I own- there's so many! I think it has become an obsession. It got to the point where I would read them in my spare time- but never pick them up and cook from them. Well all that has changed in the last year. I've cooked things I never thought I would have tried and it has been amazing! And my hope is to encourage you to try them too. Whether they be well renowned chefs recipes- or ones I have tweaked and re-created- please give them a try! I can ensure you that anything I post on here will be delicious and manageable!!

So go on- Keep Calm and Cook More! It sure works for me.